Several persons attending the recent WikiConfIndia 2011 drew attention to
the need for greater ease of use for persons with visual challenges - Barry
Newstead referred specifically to this need, commenting that in general,
usability improvements for persons with special needs pay off for the
community at large.

This recent development at Stanford
how visually impaired persons with Braille skills can interact
directly with touchscreen devices. What is very striking about this
solution is that it does not involve tactile feedback, as one might expect.
Instead, once switched to Braille mode, the screen senses multiple finger
placement and translates that into the expected Braille codes (see the
video to understand this, if you are unfamiliar with Braille typing).

To echo Barry's comments made at WCI2011, I think a certain amount of such
out-of-the-box thinking could go a long way to creating an interface that
is intuitively more approachable than the present wiki editor.

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