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> It would also be cool if we celebrate what people actual "do" and debate
> the efficacy based on the results (since all of our work is experimental in
> nature and unproven at this time)

Since we are talking something related to outreach, let me remind the
talk[1] is still open and am unaware about the analysis on outreach /
metrics, since they haven't been figured out in the discussion.

A quick comment on the style of getting community input. While I appreciate
IP for trying hard to get sound feedback from community which is good and
very important, but sometimes I feel tired by just looking at things they
ask for. Just look at the questions here[1][2], community is NOT a group of
survey takers who have loads of free time(This has been mentioned somewhere
in meta for research as well IIRC). It is quite obvious that they were
unanswered(may remain so) because it will turn off most people. Lastly,
when we ask for something to be worked upon[3], there is a difference
between seeking input and getting the work done. If only I had the time and
skill to do what I suggested, I would have proposed an RfC myself, why
would I even ask IP to work on it.


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