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> On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 04:22, Barry Newstead <bnewst...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> It would also be cool if we celebrate what people actual "do" and debate the 
> efficacy based on the results (since all of our work is experimental in 
> nature and unproven at this time)
> Since we are talking something related to outreach, let me remind the talk[1] 
> is still open and am unaware about the analysis on outreach / metrics, since 
> they haven't been figured out in the discussion.

We are working on trying to analyse the editing trends of newbies who have 
attended sessions.  It's in this context, we've been in touch with nearly 20 
community members across the country to gather the usernames of newbies who 
have recently attended outreach sessions.  We wanted a couple of months of data 
to be available so that we could run an analysis of editing trends using some 
tools that are being developed. I can also imagine the need to finetune 
elements of the analysis once we see the first round of output.

> A quick comment on the style of getting community input. While I appreciate 
> IP for trying hard to get sound feedback from community which is good and 
> very important, but sometimes I feel tired by just looking at things they ask 
> for. Just look at the questions here[1][2], community is NOT a group of 
> survey takers who have loads of free time(This has been mentioned somewhere 
> in meta for research as well IIRC). It is quite obvious that they were 
> unanswered(may remain so) because it will turn off most people.

IP is - and will continue to be for the foreseable future - in experimentation 
mode.  We would love to have the answers to everything - be we won't.  The 
questions I mention were meant to elicit suggestions, generate debate and 
indicate IP's thinking and the challenges we are working on.  

To share with you how these evolve, a question like "Can we introduce 
story-telling as a effective means of sharing the work that is done by 
community members such that we are able to cross-pollinate ideas?" has already 
evolved into a story like 
 and I know that there is another story from another community on another 
project that will be out rather soon.  A pilot design for story telling has 
also been put up here 

Similarly, "How do we build a toolkit for media/PR/social media such that 
community members are able to rapidly deploy to support specific initiatives 
such as Wikiprojects or to celebrate community or project milestones?" is being 
discussed with interested Odia community based on the following initial draft 

Something like. "How do we support a community initiative like Wikipatrika in a 
manner that it remains entirely owned by the individual community members - but 
we are still able to help them?  How do we do this without taking away credit 
and also without building dependence?" is governing the way that we are doing 
the support work for Wikipatrika.  It's being done with nearly 15 community 
members across communities.  A pilot design for this has been put up here 

> Lastly, when we ask for something to be worked upon[3], there is a difference 
> between seeking input and getting the work done. If only I had the time and 
> skill to do what I suggested, I would have proposed an RfC myself, why would 
> I even ask IP to work on it.

With regard post [3], I mentioned at the bottom of that post the kind of 
sensitives that we work within - and we will continue to be exceedingly aware 
of them.  Over the past few days, Shiju has been working on a particularly 
sensitive community matter but he is doing it in the manner that is most 
appropriate for it - quietly and 1-on-1.  


> [1] 
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:India_Program/Outreach_Programs#10_Questions
> [2] 
> http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimediaindia-l/2012-March/007734.html
> [3] 
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:India_Program/Pilot_Designs/Basic_Community_Building

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