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> Apology: I am not from Indus Valley and not even a north Indian; I don't
> know whether I am allowed to write here. ;-)  Anyway I am posting because
> this may affect so many languages, including those "True Indian" Indus
> Vally languages. :-p

There's no need for that kind of rhetoric. I don't think even Anirudh
identifies himself as a "North Indian", I might on the other hand, and I
haven't made any statements against you.

If it helps, you are all more "True Indian"(s) than I am. This is a silly
point that is turning political, please try not to inflame the discussion
any further.

> Dear Friends,
> I have seen extensive development in ULS, and it is live in
> translatewiki.net. It is a kind of joined form of Narayam and Webfonts,
> and intended to provide easy access to any users including new users in
> non-Latin wikies. It looks like sooner or later will reach our wikies.
> I agree that Narayam and Webfonts need some UI love, but even with that
> fact, they are easily understandable and usable. Atleast to me, ULS is no
> ullas. It is complex and UI is too confusing. For eg, you may need to
> enable keymap on each text area before typing in your language. I switched
> myself to IBus, just for convenience.
> I hope I am wrong, but I urge others to check ULS and report problems find
> by you. Doing so, it is possible to make it atleast usable. :-)


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