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> •                     Design & assist in the roll-out PR / digital outreach
> plan(s) to promote Indic language readers & readership
> •                     Design & roll-out PR/on-ground outreach plan(s) to
> promote Indic language editors and contribution
> •                     Assist WMF in rolling out and training the Online
> Ambassadors for Indic language Wikipedia.
> •                     Co-ordinate with WMF to provide technical solutions to
> resolve current (& potential) issues on Indic languages
> •                     Providing ad hoc support to the Community on all
> aspects of Indic languages as may be deemed necessary.
> •                     Any other services as required by your supervisor
> (Programme Director – A2K Programme) and the Executive Director of CIS in
> connection with the grant from Wikimedia Foundation.

These look fantastic. I'm assuming that these tie in with the plans
you had posted (under the pseudonym, during the election phase).

Can I impose on your graciousness and ask a bit more about the Online
Ambassadors for Indic Language Wikipedia?

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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