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> Perhaps we should hear more from the fellow Wikimedians who're neutral and
> friends on Kannada Wikipedia mailing list who're neutral to assess the
> actual impact than from CIS's partners (Christ College as on this thread,
> for instance).

It is good that the Wikipedia community (of which I am a part) is
trying to come up with metrics to assess contributions of a paid
organisation and separating those of the volunteers so that due credit
is given to all contributing entities. I had mentioned this here [1].

While CIS has an MoU with Christ Univ, I was speaking up as a person
interested in the educational angle and not as a signatory of an MoU
(my work with CU is on a consultancy basis as an educational
technology consultant which means that I am trying to find ways to
improve the learning of the students).  AFAIK none of "CIS's partners"
have spoken up so your statement in this regard is not valid.

Any project needs some time to stabilise itself. And there are times
when we need to think long term vs short term and strategy towards a
project will automatically vary.  I think the community needs to start
asking productive questions so that Wikipedia and its sister projects

The question of monthly compensation that the A2K employees are taking
home from the WM funds is a strong question and the organisation will
have to justify this using reliable metrics.

[1] http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimediaindia-l/2014-April/011081.html

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