Waasalumu ,

I hope we are doing great. It has been a week since I asked for your
input into the above. Since I got none, I went ahead with the plans
for the same.

So Wkimedia Kenya and Mozuilla Kenya had sometime last year discussed
and greed on having an Outreach this year to introduce guys to our
and https://etherpad.mozilla.org/Kenya-Road-Trip-Institutions)

For Wikimedia, we would hold a few Wiki Academies to show guys how and
what it takes to create Wikipedia and hope they will be apart of it
and contribute if not make good use of other Wikimedia Resources in
their daily life.

So the first outreach is almost here with us and I have been working
on it with Alex from the Mozilla Camp and since we do not have
sufficient budget and resources as Mozilla does ( I understand they
really do have lots of cash for Outreach this year :-) ), we have
agreed that Wikimedia Kenya will only need to cater for the boarding
and travel expenses for its participants. We are still ironing out the
details of hiring or finding a venue. Our audience in Mombasa will
include guys from GTUG Mombasa and a few techies and developers in
Mombasa and calling for a few students who would make it to the
meetup. We have a liaison with the GTUG Guys in Mombasa helping with
the coordination.

So this is a call for anyone keen on helping or who has a presentation
and teaching to do to step forward (A maximum of 3 people). Tentative
dates are March 9th to 10th

Your input is eagerly awaited and volunteers too

Limoke Oscar,

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