Hi Abbas,

> Thanks for following this through. Thank you
> 1.) Out of the 3, how many people have signed up so far? I just posted today 
> this thread with the details. So anyone keen can sign up (on this thread,so 
> far 0)
> 2.) what do you mean by hiring a venue? ( Uhhhm, We are not certain to get a 
> free venue like we always do in Nairobi to host our participants)
> 3.) which institutions are you planning to visit? We will not be visting 
> institutions but we will be inviting students and other keen people to the 
> event.
> 4.) why are you stating that Wikimedia Kenya is in a state of budgetary
> insufficiency? Because we do not have Outreach outrightly budgeted in our 
> Budget or is it? :-)

> 5.) have you made any merchandise arrangements? For instance, the the
> locally-printed t-shirts.
Am in touch with Steve and he informs me that he has the fisrt batch
of the locally printed t-shirts.

Steve please care to share more?


Find the details here:
Limoke Oscar,

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