Thanks for pointing out that Gerrald's view was not relative to the
discussion. I would like to suggest something for all new members, please
take time to study the activities we have undertaken before making

I will only be able to host a maximum of 12 people at my place so again I
will chose to go for old members due to oblivious reasons. The weekend
after Easter on Saturday I have a high school get together so I will not be

Maybe we can take a quick survey to see who would be available on the
Easter Sunday evening... Monday is is holiday. If we make 10 people +, we
are good to go. People who have not at all been involved with the Wikipedia
for Schools project will get the least consideration for this one.


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>  > Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 13:34:37 +0300
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> > Subject: Re: [Wikimedia Kenya] Wikipedia for Kamukunji Schools
> >
> > Hi guys
> >
> > The nairobi skuls idea is great. Lets just give them what is available
> > now, we can always upgrade it when the kenyan version is out. I am
> > sure it will help them lotz.
> >
> > Gerrard
> Hi Gerrard,
> Your assumption is flawed: we've called a number of schools that we had
> installed the offline Wikipedia and the feedback that we got was that the
> content wasn't relevant. This is why we are working on a Kenyan version,
> because we don't want to repeat past mistakes.
> David,
> I agree with Stephen and think that you should consider hosting us after
> the Berlin meeting (probably on the weekend after Easter?). It could also
> act as a get-together for us to hear Stephen's and Alex's experience at the
> Chapters Meeting. Thanks for the offer :-)
> --Abbas.
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