Hi all,

As most of you already know, we have had concerns raised over our finances
surrounding suspicions of embezzlement of funds by our treasurer. I am sad
to confirm these suspicions. Stephen Wanjau, the treasurer has come forward
and admitted to the Board that he has used part of the funds for personal
non-chapter expenses amounting to approximately USD. 800 and resigned from
the Board effective immediately.

We will now move to wire back the remaining funds to WMF for keeping until
we have our own bank account and more than one signatory for the same. As
for the embezzled funds, it will be Stephen's responsibility to return the

This is a major setback for the Chapter having had so many plans that got
sidelined over confrontations to get the issue resolved. It is my hope that
we will mobilize through this trying time and come out better and more
accountable. I would also like to take this opportunity to thanks Asaf for
his support in this matter.

On Behalf of the Board,
Alex Wafula

Dear all,

As many know, in Wikimedia Spain we are dealing with a very nasty business.

While we were preparing our financial report we caught our former secretary
stealing money from our chapter.

The stolen amount is in the vicinity of 2500 euros. He even left a debt of
~100 euros that I have personally covered. It may not seem much, but it was
all we had.

The former secretary never gave access to the new treasurer, he just made
it look like the bank was delaying the process of the change of treasurers.

He also sent us falsified extracts of the account and the amount of money
in it.

We were so concerned with the behaviour of the bank that we were about to
change to another one. And then we received a call from the bank saying our
account was in debt.

When confronted, the former secretary confessed. All the data are clear,
for the bank's official reports are avaliable now.

Also, with the gently support of the WMF, in the persons of Asaf, Garfield
and Jay, we have already start all the legal actions needed according to
Spanish law, including formal complaint to the Police and all the papers
with the Bank. We have prepared an official statement too, "just in case"
any spanish media want to discuss the case.

This has been a huge blow for us, as you can imagine. Fortunately, it has
been only one person and the rest of the members of WMES are now trying to
re-boost our chapter. Of course, by september will be a General Assembly,
for all the Board have resign with the aim to lead a transparent process.

Best regards,
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