I have kissed ass for more than a year now...I am the most shaded African
Wikipedian....Yes I ate the donors money as most allege and so what? .... I
do not wish to take this with me to the grave...hate me or love me now as
it makes no difference... I hate all of you. At my tender age my parents
never knew about this white elephant.They hate me because of this
humanitarian movement that I dropped both my feet into... I paid for some
of your escapades with your girlfriends using the donors money.   I was so
naive and effed up. As far as Dubai since local was too mainstream I
financed you and some of you and your girlfriends. That is for  the inner
cycle and for some I have decided to donate the money since you
have never appraised the debts till now. I still have the statements till
now from equity bank and KCB bank.

I have all the records with me.....the statements, withdrawals and
everything else as shocking as the next line.

I hate myself and I still love sharing free knowledge. It is the key to
love and live that keeps me going.

EFF you and me.

Yours faithfully,
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