my suggestion - as I think it is easier to start that way - is to start
writing the grant report. It includes a financial statement, a run-down
of all the budget items with planned and actual amounts.
Once this financial statement has been written we know how much funds
are remaining or actually missing - reduced by the US$596 which have
been wired by Stephen to WMF already.
Once this has been done we see clearer what is still to be resolved and
the positive effect will be that we also see what has been accomplished
with that money already. That should be motiviting, despite all the
unappetizing happenings aside.

To make a start:
* the original Grant request

* the Grant report, including the reporting template and a transfer of
your budget into a financial statement

There you can work together to fill in what you did, your actual
spending etc. You can do this collaboratively, it's a wiki, you know ;-)

I hope I was able to facilitate the process a bit.


Am 04.05.2013 11:24, schrieb Kosgei Isaac:
> I agree with Asaf. We have a lot of in house cleaning to do and the
> sooner we do it the better. Everyone has been running away from this
> issue and I think it is time we solve it once and for all.
> We had proposed to set up an audit team to audit the usage of the grant
> that was given to WMKE and so far no one has offered to follow up on this.
> in his email Steve says other people also took part in the disappearance
> of  WMKE's who are these people? how much did they take? I feel all
> those who misused this grant should be made to pay in and I urge Steve
> to name this guys.

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