At 15:34 +0000 10/12/08, Thomas Dalton wrote:
>There is a bigger discussion needed here than just gathering some
>volunteers to appear on TV. We need to work out how we want to handle
>press in the UK, with relation to the (imminent) new chapter. There
>are two ways we can talk to the press, as volunteers speaking just for
>just ourselves and as representatives of Wikimedia UK speaking for the
>chapter (obviously, no-one is authorised to speak for WMF, we'll leave
>that to them). We need to decide when press work should be handled
>under each category, and who should do it. Obviously, anyone can speak
>for themselves and they can say what they like.
>Speaking for the chapter can be done by anyone the board chooses, but
>the real question is who decides what to say. Should individual board
>members, or even non-board press contacts, be able to decide for
>themselves what do say or should the board determine an official
>position, which then gets presented by whoever does the interview
>(obviously the person doing the interview needs a certain amount of
>leeway otherwise it doesn't work, but the basic idea of what the
>official position is can be decided in advance)?


I watched a presentation (online) by a chap from Amazon yesterday at LeWeb.

"He is the only executive apart from Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos to speak 
publicly on behalf of"

I wonder if that is a model?


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