On Thu, December 11, 2008 06:17, Theresa Knott wrote:
> Yes and that's a very important talent! But it should only be relied
> on in emergencies. The truth is we knew on Saturday that this was
> likely to be picked up by the media, and we certainly knew by Sunday
> that it was likely to hit the national press. Yet no one thought to
> discuss on this list what we should do if interviews were requested.
> Hopefully next time we'll be better prepared.

I should just point out here that whilst the effect of the blockage was
felt in the UK the nature and manner of the response was something for the
Foundation as the 'blockee'. As such this issue was being heavily
discussed by the communications committee from late Saturday evening and,
to a large extent, the level of response directly from the UK was set by
Sue, as CEO, and Jay, as Press, from the Foundation.

Other organisations, including the Open Rights Group, were also
extensively discussing the matter and other options from a different
direction. There is also the matter of 'keeping one's powder dry' in that
this is a public-accessible list and to discuss possible media interaction
here is, in some ways, a redundant activity.


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