>Now, where are the rules of the game?

Why do I ask? Easy - I have suffered too many deletes from Commons of 
images that I created of work of arts. I have stopped submitting much 
at all to Commons, since I cannot be sure that I am submitting 
permissible work.

So, this competition is going to be populated with people (like me) 
who don't know that I cannot take a picture of art work in a 
temporary exhibition and submit it to Commons.

I know that the rules for Wikipedia are different, which was was why 
I asked about the primary submission site - would it be Commons or 
Wikipedia. FLICKR does not have any GFDL options: everything is 
submitted under Creative Commons Licence, or full copyright. Three of 
the options are incompatible with Commons:

        Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons

        Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons

        Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons

See http://www.flickr.com/account/prefs/license/ (you will have to login).

A scavenger hunt works best where there is some freedom to interpret 
the rules, bend them, extend them etc.

And have fun.


"Think Feynman"/////////

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