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> How does that sound? Complicated...

Can you suggest any ways of making it simpler?

> ...and the competitor cannot control
> "stage 2". So it is no longer a scavenger hunt at that stage,

Yes, I spoke to Pharos about this previously - he though it would be
best to keep the competition restricted to stage 1. Stage 2 is still
important of course otherwise wikipedia doesn't get to benefit from
the photos and everyone is welcome to join in!

> there
> may be wrangling... if the other parties don't like the images (not
> the judges).

Yes - that's the main reason why Pharos thought it best not to have
the competetion at this stage.

> And I thought that this was a team competition.
> http://www.flickr.com/groups/wikipedia_loves_art/
> "Shoot on your own or create a small team (10 people, tops) and
> sign-up online (posted soon)."

Yes I forgot that bit, you can also do it in a team if you prefer.

> Is the V & A competition a solo effort?

No. It's a bit complicated and personally I feel like I'm being pulled
in all directions! The project is being organised by the Brooklyn
Museum in New York, who have asked other museums to get involved.
Pharos is coordinating the wikipedia side in New York and globally;
the V&A are organising (although I'm not sure exactly what at this
stage) the London launch event on 1st Feb and my job is to advertise
the London event among the WP community and get as many people along
as possible!

Points will be added up and prizes given to the different teams who
participate at the different museums.

Hope that's a little clearer!


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