2009/2/16 joseph seddon <life_is_bitter_sw...@hotmail.co.uk>:
> With the bid page coming along nicely, I want to get work started on the 
> budget. This is something that needs to be broken down between several 
> people. Because of this I wish to form an informal body to work on this. 
> Little or no experience is needed and all requirements will be provided and 
> for the time being it can be mostly done through the internet. Can those 
> interested please reply here or email me within the next few days?

Until the WMF gives us some information there, there isn't much we can
do. There was talk of them organising global sponsorship and us just
handling local (which makes a lot of sense, I don't know why it hasn't
always been done that way). We need to know how much they intend to be
spent on looking after VIPs and whether we need to budget for that or
leave it for them. We need to know how many people they want to be
able to sponsor travel/accommodation for and whether we need to budget
for that. We need to know how fancy they want the VIP party (and the
unimportant people party) to be and whether we need to budget for
that. Etc. Etc. Etc. Once we have that information, I'd be happy help.

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