At school today I was busy admiring some of the work on the wall. The kids
(year 2) had been working on important buildings, and one particular one on
Buckingham Palace caught my eye. It went something like "*Buckingham
Palace*is the official
London <> residence of the British
in the City
of Westminster <>, the
palace <> is a setting for state
occasions and royal hospitality, and a major tourist attraction." (With the
bolded text, and blue linked words, and the little 1 in superscript). Is
blatant plagiarism really the sort of thing that should be displayed as
"best" work on a primary classroom wall? Wikipedia is a great resource I
think - as long as you know how to use it properly. If Wikipedia is to
become a part of primary school life, those using it ought to be trained to
use it properly.

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