2009/4/25 David Gerard <dger...@gmail.com>:
> 2009/4/25 Thomas Dalton <thomas.dal...@gmail.com>:
>> The case is about an attempt to form a charity to research inventing a
>> new alphabet for writing English which would have 40 characters and be
>> easier to use. The judge concluded that increasing knowledge is not
>> the same as education, which is entirely correct. The case is about
>> original research, it has nothing to do with encyclopaedias and does
>> not apply to them.
> Hopefully a lawyer will think the same. It's evident any attempt to
> make a UK chapter charitable will likely need one.

Yeah, it looks that way. If anyone knows a good charity lawyer or
knows someone that knows a good charity lawyer, please speak up!

PS David, are you available to come on IRC a sec? If so, /msg me -
Tango42. Thanks

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