The Register - specifically Orlowski - doesn't make elementary mistakes.
They publish fiction related to Wikipedia.

Brian McNeil

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Jimmy already knows, although I don't know what (if any) action he  
will take.

Just to confirm, I haven't been contacted by phone about this at all,  
and am not aware that The Register has made any attempts at  
communicating with WMUK. If they have, then perhaps they would have  
avoided making embarrassing, elementary mistakes...

Mike Peel (personal view)

On 27 Apr 2009, at 16:39, Thomas Dalton wrote:

> 2009/4/27 James Hardy <>:
>> Was only a matter of time. So nice of him to attempt to contact  
>> the Board
>> for a comment, but since he got the name of the company wrong  
>> twice in the
>> article he probably was unable to work out who to contact.
> Someone should probably make Jimmy Wales aware of this article, he may
> want to complain about his company and ours being conflated like
> that... We should certainly complain about it. The board should write
> to his editor pointing out the errors.
> I'm also interested in his sub-headline, "Decision unlikely to be
> amended". Is that just his personal opinion? I haven't seen anyone
> else make such a statement and it is odd to use your own opinions as
> sub-headlines...
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