> From: "Andrew Turvey" <ratur...@yahoo.co.uk>
> Dear All,
> Yesterday we received a letter from the UK Tax Authorities rejecting our 
> application for recognition as a charity....
> Whilst we can still get Gift Aid declarations (HMRC have previously confirmed 
> this was ok) we should probably add a caveat on the form explaining that our 
> charitable status is contested.
> Regards,

We have recently received further correspondence with the UK Tax
Authorities on this matter in which they requested that we do not
solicit Gift Aid Declarations unless and until we are recognised as a

In light of this we have revised our Donations and Membership forms.

We should also mention that any higher rate tax payers who have
donated to Wikimedia UK and filled out a Gift Aid Declaration should
not include this amount in their tax return as they will not be
entitled to claim further tax relief, until, that is, we are
recognised by HMRC.

Thank you for your patience with us on this.


Andrew Turvey
Wikimedia UK
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