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Andrew Turvey 
Secretary, Wikimedia UK 

Wikimedia UK Board meeting 

Tuesday 5 th May 2009, 8:30pm BST at #wikimedia-uk-board 

Present: Paul Williams (PW) (Chair); Andrew Turvey (AT) (Minutes); Tom Holden 
(TH); Steve Virgin (SV); Joseph Seddon (JS) (part) 

Apologies: Mike Peel, Zeyi He; Joseph Seddon for late arrival 

It was agreed PW would chair in the absence of MP. 

1. Minutes of the previous meetings 

a. Pre-AGM 

Minutes were approved unchanged 

JS joined the meeting 

a. Post-AGM 

Minutes were approved with minor changes. The following actions were carried 

JS to send a token of our appreciation to the retiring Directors and tellers; 
JS Agreed to add the external speakers to this list. AT will email the contact 
details of the speakers to all board members 


AT has filed completed all filings with Companies House except for SV's 
appointment; AT & SV will arrange to do this after the meeting. 


PW completed the newsletter and distributed to subscribers and WMUK-L 

TH has applied for online backing for MP, AT but it hasn't been completed yet. 
TH to contact the bank to notify them of the new directors and to change the 
signatories to any two of MP, AT and TH 


AT has revised the wiki user rights as agreed. No news from MP on forming a 
private wiki for sharing documents. 


PW reported back on the current owners of the IRC channels #wikimedia-uk, 
#wikimedia-uk-board and #wikimedia-uk-board-private; PW will arrange for all 
Board members to be made “founders” or, if this is not possible, “operators” 


It was agreed that the owner of the WikimediaUK-L email list be set to the OTRS 
account so that board members' inboxes are not put under more pressure. Board 
members are to be given access to the OTRS account. 


The addresses have lapsed; AT to follow up taking ownership 
and re-assigning the email addresses. 


JS has been unable to get access to the Internal-L email list for himself. It 
was agreed to keep with the five current nominees; they agreed to participate 
in all relevant discussions and to forward to any items 
that JS and ZH should be made aware of. 

The AGM press release was prepared but not sent out as it was overtaken by the 
Register story on the HMRC response. The AGM was also covered in the 
Newsletter. Agreed to let this action fall now. 

AT has sent round a draft email to the WMF asking them for permission to use 
trademarks. However, since the last meeting, the WMF has issued a draft of a 
new standard Chapter Agreement. This will be discussed later in the meeting. 

AT has drafted an application to LawWorks and TH had obtained a rough estimate 
on how much it would cost to get legal advice. These will be discussed later in 
the meeting. 

c. AGM 

These minutes were approved. 

2. HMRC response 

a. Media 

The rejection of our charity application was picked up by the Register who used 
the occasion to write an article criticising Wikipedia. We issued a statement 
in response to Wikinews. A news story was drafted for Wikinews but was rejected 
as being “not notable”. Although there had been some negative comment on the 
WikimediaUK-L list, the general feeling was that the reputation of the Board 
among Wikimedia UK supporters had not been significantly affected. It was 
agreed that it would be better in the future if news like this was shared with 
the Board first, so that a common position could be agreed, and then promptly 
shared with supporters. 

b. Legal 

TH had obtained a rough estimate on how much it would cost to get legal advice. 
This ranged from £600 to £4,000 – going directly to a barrister would cost 
around £2,000 plus VAT (£2,300). It was discussed whether we should obtain 
advice before or after responding to HMRC. It was agreed that we would send the 
response on 18 th May and do what we can in the meantime to obtain advice – 
including approaching the Foundation for funding and applying to LawWorks. 

c. Response to HMRC 

AT has discussed the matter with the officer at HMRC who had decided the case. 
The officer explained that this decision does not fall within the formal 
appeals process as there was not direct tax implication to the decision. If we 
submitted a reclaim form and it was rejected we would then be able to make a 
formal appeal. HMRC also has powers to refer complex charity cases to the 
Commission and the officer agreed that if we replied to him he could refer the 
case to them. 

TH has obtained a letter which a barrister friend has drafted setting out the 
legal arguments for why we think we are a charity. It was agreed to use this 
letter as a basis for a response, incorporating in addition details clarifying 
what the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia UK do, and the experience of 
icommons in getting charity recognition. 

TH agreed to post the letter on the wiki and Board members will propose their 
amendments on that page fro discussion between now and 18 th . 


3. Treasurer's Report 

TH reported that the bank balance was currently £397.70 but it is waiting for 
expenses cheques to be cashed. We had received one membership subscription by 
bank transfer but the application form hadn't been received yet. TH is 
following up. Otherwise, no membership applications had been received. 


The formal Resolution (see making MP, AT and 
TH bank account signatories was passed. 

4. Secretary's Report 

AT has received a letter from a pressure group asking for their point of view 
to be reflected in the Wikipedia articles on their area of interest. It was 
agreed the Secretary should respond and should say (a) We do not own Wikipedia 
or control its content – that's the Foundation but (b) to offer assistance in 
editing Wikipedia. AT agreed to phone them to follow up. There was no other 


5. Draft new Chapter Agreement 

The WMF has issued a draft of a new Chapter Agreement. With their permission 
this has been published on the wiki and a notice sent to the WMUK-L email list 
to get input from supporters. 

The meeting went in camera; further discussions and actions are noted in the 
private minutes. 

6. Phorm 

It was agreed that Wikimedia UK would opt out of Phorm, using a statement 
similar to the ones used by the WMF and other chapters. 


7. Next meeting 

The next meeting was arranged for Tuesday 12 th May, 8:30pm BST in 

Meeting closed at 10:38pm.
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