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> 2. HMRC response
> a. Media
> The rejection of our charity application was picked up by the Register who 
> used the occasion to write an article criticising Wikipedia. We issued a 
> statement in response to Wikinews. A news story was drafted for Wikinews but 
> was rejected as being “not notable”. Although there had been some negative 
> comment on the WikimediaUK-L list, the general feeling was that the 
> reputation of the Board among Wikimedia UK supporters had not been 
> significantly affected. It was agreed that it would be better in the future 
> if news like this was shared with the Board first, so that a common position 
> could be agreed, and then promptly shared with supporters.
> b. Legal
> TH had obtained a rough estimate on how much it would cost to get legal 
> advice. This ranged from £600 to £4,000 – going directly to a barrister would 
> cost around £2,000 plus VAT (£2,300). It was discussed whether we should 
> obtain advice before or after responding to HMRC. It was agreed that we would 
> send the response on 18 th May and do what we can in the meantime to obtain 
> advice – including approaching the Foundation for funding and applying to 
> LawWorks.
> c. Response to HMRC
> AT has discussed the matter with the officer at HMRC who had decided the 
> case. The officer explained that this decision does not fall within the 
> formal appeals process as there was not direct tax implication to the 
> decision. If we submitted a reclaim form and it was rejected we would then be 
> able to make a formal appeal. HMRC also has powers to refer complex charity 
> cases to the Commission and the officer agreed that if we replied to him he 
> could refer the case to them.
> TH has obtained a letter which a barrister friend has drafted setting out the 
> legal arguments for why we think we are a charity. It was agreed to use this 
> letter as a basis for a response, incorporating in addition details 
> clarifying what the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia UK do, and the 
> experience of icommons in getting charity recognition.
> TH agreed to post the letter on the wiki and Board members will propose their 
> amendments on that page fro discussion between now and 18 th .

would it be possible to slightly adjust your "bylaws" and add
education as most other wikimedia chapters do?


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