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> We would
> also need the Foundation to approve the change which could take months.

Hmm...? If I remember correctly, Chapters Committee has always been
very informal about this IF a chapter even notifies us of a bylaws
change. As a matter of fact, we hardly ever receive notifications of
bylaws changes (certainly none for not-mission/object-related changes)
and if we do, we generally look at it and if we're fine, we just
communicate it that way.

Read: There is no affirmative resolution needed by ChapCom, which
speeds up the process extremely.

Of course, if we received note (by the chapter or a 3rd party) of an
absolutely objectionable bylaws change, eg. change of the charity's
object to something unconnected to free knowledge, we might pass a
resolution recommending derecognition by the board.


Michael Bimmler

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