At 20:20 +0100 10/5/09, Thomas Dalton wrote:
>2009/5/10 rupert.thurner <>:
>>  would it be possible to slightly adjust your "bylaws" and add
>>  education as most other wikimedia chapters do?
>Adding something won't help at all. The objects have to be *entirely*
>charitable. If there are parts that currently aren't charitable, they
>need to be removed. Adding more things that are charitable won't make
>any difference.

So... the WMUK 2.0 objects were formulated to enable a registered 
charity to be formed, constrained by the relationship with 
Foundation, and of course UK company law (since a decision was made 
to form a company - not all registered charities are companies).

I am surprised that education is missing. I must admit that I thought 
the application was for an "educational charity".


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