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>>> Hi all,
>>> Anyone interested in the below? As I understand it, they want to
>>> cover the range of philosophies on Wikipedia - they already have
>>> people involved with an inclusionist or middle-ist point of view, but
>>> no-one from a deletionist viewpoint.
>> Could be tricky. Classic deletionism is largely a spent force to the
>> point where the deletion/inclusion argument isn't anywhere near the
>> conflict it used to be. What do they need from those who take part?
>> Heh I would still tend to identify as a deletionist but for somewhat
>> different reasons than classic deletionism.
> That's what I was thinking - there are very few people that actually
> fall neatly into one of those categories. If they portray Wikipedia as
> having a deletion/inclusion divide it will be rather misleading. We've
> pretty much reached a consensus on what it means to be notable, it's
> just how to apply that to individual cases that gives us material for
> our much loved dramas.

>From my (archaic? ;-)) relatively inclusionist PoV (the specific
'camp' with which I most closely identified/y was "eventualism"), I
consider the prevailing attitude on enwiki to be rather more
deletionist than it was in the "early days" ('02-'04); the 2005-6
period was considerably more deleitionist still, certainly, and we've
relented from that to an extent, but mostly in the form of subject
beach-heads combined with draconian rules for the unwary (the CSAs in
particular); I feel that the enwiki community at large is slowly
drifting further towards the inclusionist mentality, but at the same
time, away from the eventualist PoV, which the CSAs undermines.

A proper consideration of this multi-dimensionality could be
interesting for community members, but (a) difficult to put across,
and (b) not necessarily as interesting, to outsiders.

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