Dear all,
this is the survey finally implemented on Qualtrics:

I'd like to receive the last round of feedbacks from you:
you can actually do the survey, but keep in mind that if we edit it
afterwards the results will be probably lost (as they get invalid if I edit
the structure of the survey).
So do at your own risk, you might need to do it again :-)

At the moment, I think the survey will be just in English.
It can be translated, but since the answers and feedbacks are coming to
me and David can't really wait too much, as the deadline of our IEG is
coming (end of October, but we asked for an extension).

The issue is that we really want some results to write a final report which
consider all the gathered data: in our opinion it would be much more
Our final report would ask the WMF and other Chapters or institutions to
fund software development for Wikisource, and the survey is aimed, among
other things, to decide *where* to direct those funds (if we will ever get

But here's the deal:
if you think the survey should be translated (that means that you like it,
and you think it's a good opportunity for Wikisource community to reflect
on itself), and volunteer for translating it in the next week, we could do
that together.

In our opinion, the survey itself could be linked from the sitenotice in
every Wikisource,  but that will be a decision of the community.

We really hope you believe this is a great opportunity for everyone is
interested in Wikisource's future.

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