The survey looks good.
I'm volunteer to translate it into to French if no one ants to do it.
Is it possible to add a short introduction paragraph at the beginning of the 
survey that explains why it's important?

Le 6 oct. 2013 à 21:30, Andrea Zanni <zanni.andre...@gmail.com> a écrit :

> Dear all, 
> this is the survey finally implemented on Qualtrics:
> https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6taoDVAWcg6vSIZ
> I'd like to receive the last round of feedbacks from you:
> you can actually do the survey, but keep in mind that if we edit it 
> afterwards the results will be probably lost (as they get invalid if I edit 
> the structure of the survey).
> So do at your own risk, you might need to do it again :-)
> At the moment, I think the survey will be just in English. 
> It can be translated, but since the answers and feedbacks are coming to 
> slowly, 
> me and David can't really wait too much, as the deadline of our IEG is coming 
> (end of October, but we asked for an extension). 
> The issue is that we really want some results to write a final report which 
> consider all the gathered data: in our opinion it would be much more 
> effective. 
> Our final report would ask the WMF and other Chapters or institutions to fund 
> software development for Wikisource, and the survey is aimed, among other 
> things, to decide *where* to direct those funds (if we will ever get those).
> But here's the deal:
> if you think the survey should be translated (that means that you like it, 
> and you think it's a good opportunity for Wikisource community to reflect on 
> itself), and volunteer for translating it in the next week, we could do that 
> together. 
> In our opinion, the survey itself could be linked from the sitenotice in 
> every Wikisource,  but that will be a decision of the community. 
> We really hope you believe this is a great opportunity for everyone is 
> interested in Wikisource's future.
> Aubrey
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