Jane Darnell, 07/03/19 13:09:
Thanks for this thread, guys, super interesting! Where can I subscribe to these notices ?

The notices go to the email address of the account which uploaded to archive.org, in this case BUB's email.

I have never received an email from archive.org <http://archive.org>.

I've not had one in many years either. Publishers are getting more aggressive these days:

Also, how do you download from Google books (I have downloaded google .djvu files from archive.org <http://archive.org> before, but the OCR tends to be pretty lousy).

This specific book was uploaded with <https://tools.wmflabs.org/bub/> when it still worked.

Next, how do you use ABBY to convert a .PDF to .djvu?

I'm not sure I'd recommend ABBYY for the DjVu creation. I've recently updated the instructions <http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Help:DjVu_files>, switching them to a focus on image quality rather than compression. Some simple tweak in the command line has a huge impact.

Lastly, if the counter notice doesn't work,

The counter-notice probably works but I don't want to flood the IA with extra work in case these takedowns become more frequent. I've sent this example to the list to see if it makes sense or we should just drop it in this case. The takedowns are handled by IA staffers in a rather manual way, I think, so I'm not sure how many they can sustain.

(There's also the possibility that the upload was wrong and the book at that URL is not actually the PD book found on Google Books but something else entirely. It has happened a time or two in the past that I know of.)

can't you just re-upload another version?

Sure, in fact there are already 17 more. :-D

But better play nice, no need to dodge the counter-ticket process.

I agree though that we should be uploading these files to Commons, and I do this for the ones I care about, just to be on the safe side.

Definitely, and this should be easy enough with IA-upload after the recent fixes: <https://tools.wmflabs.org/ia-upload/>.

There is no need to panic and transfer millions of books now!


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