Hi all,

per the discussion on Phabricator, I'd like to split the administrator
("sysop") user group into two parts - one which can edit sitewide CSS/JS,
and one which can not. You can find the details and detailed rationale in
the task:

To inform the editor communities, and to make sure we can accommodate their
needs, I plan to run a community consultation; I'll probably kick it off on
Friday and have it run for two weeks. You can find the draft here:

I would appreciate if folks who are knowledgeable about the use of CSS/JS
editing and user rights management in various parts of the community could
look at it and add their concerns or suggestion to the talk page (or
Phabricator if that's more appropriate). Suggestions for a better group
name are especially welcome.

(As I wrote it in the FAQ on the consultation page, I think making sure
that MediaWiki is secure and at the same time empowers its users falls
under the authority of the developer community, and so the normal code
review process is appropriate for this change. Thus the consultation is not
intended to be an RfC or other discussion/veto type process. If you
disagree about the change in general, please discuss that on Phabricator,
or the linked Gerrit patches.)

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