I'm part of the XMLTV project that provides tools to collect and manage TV
listings data.

For years, I've generated a Windows EXE release using a very old version of
ActivePerl and their PerlApp product so the many non-technical users don't
have to mess with a complicated module environment.

I tried building XMLTV on ActivePerl again but I've not yet been
successful.  I remember it was very difficult last time getting some of the
modules to work.

I tried building XMLTV using Strawberry Perl and it was extremely easy!
Great job guys!  I've even added instructions to the XMLTV wiki so others
could do it.

I would still like to make a XMLTV.EXE for people, but PerlApp+Strawberry
Perl failed because a bunch of GCC DLLs were not included.

There are multiple version of Strawberry Perl... could one be statically

I've looked through the list archives and google searches, but don't see
any Strawberry+PerlApp success stories.


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