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Subject: Re: statically linked Strawberry Perl for use with PerlApp?

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Is there any documentation on compiling my own version of Strawberry? I don't see any source code mentioned on the web page.

Well - you could just build your own perl from source using (say) the compiler and dmake that shipped with Strawberry.

You just grab the official perl 5.20.0 source, put your strawberry/c/bin folder at the beginning of the PATH, edit the (largely self-documenting) win32/ appropriately, then cd to that win32 folder and run:
dmake test
dmake install

That should work! I'll let the list know how it goes (and if it works with PerlApp)


I knew that PDK programs require ActivePerl. Hopefully I am not right, but if I am, StrawberryPerl may need to pretend it is ActivePerl, and I don't know if this is legal.

I know that some newer versions of ActivePerl can't work with older versions of PDK, but a PDK upgrade is required, so there are some restrictions, probably for commercial reasons.

In some cases other solutions than perlapp (PAR or perl2exe) are simply not working. If is the case of XMLTV also, writing on ActivePerl mailing list and asking for adding some modules and libs in ActivePerl can be a solution, at least for the future.


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