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I've looked through the list archives and google searches, but don't see any Strawberry+PerlApp success stories.

An alternative would be to install Par::Packer and use its pp utility to create the exe.

I believe that 'pp' provides, among other things, an option that enables you to pack in any modules/dlls that don't get picked up automatically.

Thanks, but I looked into PP (and Perl2EXE) a few years ago and that migration turned out to be very difficult. I use some special features of PerlApp to have a single EXE that can execute any of the 20 or so XMLTV scripts.

I think they way I got ActivePerl working before was a hodgepodge of modules compiled via cygwin and others. I'm hoping to avoid that. Is there any documentation on compiling my own version of Strawberry? I don't see any source code mentioned on the web page.


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