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Is there any documentation on compiling my own version of Strawberry?  I
don't see any source code mentioned on the web page.

Well - you could just build your own perl from source using (say) the
compiler and dmake that shipped with Strawberry.

You just grab the official perl 5.20.0 source, put your strawberry/c/bin
folder at the beginning of the PATH, edit the (largely self-documenting)
win32/ appropriately, then cd to that win32 folder and run:
dmake test
dmake install

Attached is the win32/ I've just used to build a 64-bit static
perl-5.20.0 using Strawberry Perl-5.20.0 compiler (64-bit gcc-4.8.2).

It installs perl into C:\_64\static_perl520_482. (Amend it if you want to
install perl elsewhere.)
It specifies that the compiler is in C:\_64\strawberry5.20.0\c (Amend that
if it's not correct.)
And it specifies an EXTRALIBDIRS setting that's incorrect for you. You'll
want to set it to something like:

EXTRALIBDIRS    *= C:\_64\strawberry5.20.0\c\x86_64-w64-mingw32\lib

(depending upon where those folders actually are on your machine).

Apart from that, it should be right to go for you.
There were a few (three, I think) test script failures during 'dmake test'
.... nothing to worry about.

It seems to install  dynamic perl.exe, perl5.20.0.exe and wperl.exe (and
perl520.dll) along with a (large) static perl executable called
So it's the perl-static.exe you'll want to be using.
I've no idea what sort of mileage you'll get out of that ;-)

And, of course, FAIK, there could already be a static Strawberry perl
available somewhere (or kmx might even be busy building one for you right


Do you know if that static Perl can be used if the entire directory is moved on another path?


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