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Do you know if that static Perl can be used if the entire directory is moved on another path?

Seems ok to me after I moved it:

C:\Windows\System32>perl-static -le "print $^X;print for @INC"

Is that what you meant ?

I am thinking that if Perl would work even if it is moved into another directory, it can be used for deploying applications by including the whole Perl + installed modules instead of using perlapp/PAR/perl2exe/Cava Packager.

If Perl needs to be installed by each user on the target computer, than it is not a solution for most Windows users. PDK is not free and all other solutions for packaging have some issues and don't work in all the cases, so beeing able to deploy Perl together with some programs would be great.

I don't know C and Perl's internals, so I don't know why the directory in which Perl runs is so important.


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