We currently use EAP-PEAP for our eduroam/802.1x, but are now considering 
adding EAP-TLS to the mix. We have several potential PKIs that we could use, 
but all of them will take some work to get them ready for a production launch. 
Given that resources are limited, I’m looking for some data points about others 
who have moved, are thinking of moving or have decided not to adopt EAP-TLS.

To help gather some data can you please answer this short survey?

Do you:

- Support 802.1x? -

If yes, do you:

- use EAP-PEAP on campus? -

- use EAP-TLS on campus? -
- What PKI/CA do you use: -

- If both, why and is one preferred? -

- If only PEAP, are you planning EAP-TLS? -

Brief description of why you’re doing what you’re doing and anything else that 
might be helpful:

Thank you in advance


David Morton
Director, Networks & Telecommunications
Services: Wi-Fi, Wired, Telephony, Mobile & HuskyTV
University of Washington
tel 206.221.7814

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