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Mac Dearman wrote:

I would be willing to bet that their aint more than 3 people who have actually attended and completed a climbing school. I have been climbing for years and have never been to an actual school that I had to pay for. I have yet to fall, bust a chin or a nut on a tower. I may fall in the morning, but it won't be because I wasnt tied off - - - I am worth more dead than alive in ca$h - - - so someone hire a private detective to check my wifes knife along with my lanyard :-)

Good common sense is worth more than anything I can think of. I have had some private tutoring by seasoned pro's that has been a great help. I would attend and pay for professional training even today if there was such a thing anywhere in the South.

My best advice is to get training, but if you cant - - take your time as you climb, be sure you are 100% locked off and no drinking alcohol or smoking pot...etc before climbing and ALWAYS wear sunglasses, gloves and take water!!! NEVER CLIMB ALONE - always have someone on the ground watching for you and paying attention - - not sleeping! If you get scared, come down easy and try again another day. No war was ever won in a single day!!!

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