I dug a hole 32 inch square by 42 inches deep yesterday for a rohn bx tower. It is 5 sections of 8 ft. I just got 15 bags of portland cement and will add my own gravel. I was thinking about three 1 1/2 inch pieces of pipe stuck in the concrete to bolt the tower legs to. I will
thread and put couplers on the pipe at 22 inches so they can't move.  I've got 
some re-bar to chuck down in the hole too.
I've got 3 8ft ground rods and will bond with #4 bare stranded wire. I picked up a load of grade 8 bolts, washers, and lock washers for bolting the tower together and to the pipe stubs. Anyone have any suggestions
for me?  This is my first tower.  I will pour tomorrow afternoon.




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