I'll reply to that.
People with money do not have to spend it. Remember that most of all. They
can easily invest it in a conservative location and get a safe secure rate
of return. Remember they don't need to spend it so they don't need a big
rate of return on money that already don't need to spend. Still with me? Now
if they were to invest in something as risky as this, they would need one
hell of a possible gain on their investment. Remember they don't need to
spend it. For them to even talk to you about giving you some of their money
they must think it is a good idea. If they are willing to fork over their
money, they must feel they are going to be able to get a huge return to
justify their risk. So let's review. One they will get a huge return on
their investment, Two if they aren't charging you a huge interest rate,
where do you think they will get the return. Which brings us to Three, they
will take control of your company, learn all they can from you then fire you
and keep it all to themselves. Harsh but true, I'm sure there are many on
the list who know of these stories.
    Now leasing doesn't look all that bad does it? At least you know the
costs up front and the rules are quite simple. Just pay your payments then
eventually you will get to keep the company and reap the benefits of your
hard work, not just hand it over to the folks who wrote the checks. If you
don't think I'm serious, try to write contracts so this can't happen and see
how fast they write the checks :-)

Like Charles said, unless it's family or friends.........but even then it
can be tricky, that's a good way to lose friends.

Thank You,
Brian Webster
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would you expand on that?

On 8/22/05, Charles Wu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
FWIW...no invester (other than friends and family) worth their salt will be
willing to invest capital into the company for a minority position, as that
is basically a sure way to guarantee the loss of their money

That said, there is a fool born every day


Dylan Oliver
Primaverity, LLC

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