Hello Brian,

It used to 18 months for ROI.......  6 months is doing really good in
my book. Course I got radios that are 6 years old now. Gotta love them
each month.

Not sure if you mentioned it, but if you do not have a written
business plan, then I would suggest you lock yourself up at a hotel or
someplace away from your locality and write a plan. Does not need to b
fancy and you do not need to buy anything canned out there. Google and
find a plan and then rebuild it in Word etc.

You should have proformas worked out for 2 years and most of your
questions will be answered. If you need a basic spreadsheet to get an
idea of where to start, email me offlist. The big thing is "YOU" know
what you have in terms of cash flow and expected growth. "YOU" need to
put that info down on paper to see how it works.

Sometimes realistic expectations are hard to swallow. From experience,
I re-evaluated some things in my business that Charles Wu had
mentioned ( thanks Charles), it was a bitter pill but it made us a
better focused company.


Monday, August 29, 2005, 2:59:19 PM, you wrote:

BR>  I can usually make money from day 1 on install.  Install fee
BR> + 1st month almost always covers the cost of my hardware cost.  I
BR> own the radio.  Gas, sales, ADs, and other stuff is not factered. 
BR> What kind of ROI do you guys see?  i know some people wait 6
BR> months.
BR>  Brian
BR>  Tom DeReggi wrote: 

BR>       Well if you hire a $30,000 a month guy, you now have an
BR> expense. Divided by 240 working days that $125 a day or $2500 a
BR> month.
BR>   But that doesn't include all the other expenses such as
BR> taxes, management, time to do accounting related to his
BR> employment, expenses assoicated to his time. Before you know it
BR> you'll be paying for gas and vehicle repairs, etc.  If you gave a
BR> free install, targeted a 1 month cash flow positive business, @
BR> $35 a month, you'd need to do 3 installs a day just to pay the
BR> salary initially.  However, at the end of the month, you'd never
BR> need to do another install to pay that salary. The problem is that
BR> rarely happens, he wont get three done a day and you probably
BR> won't get a commitment to start 3 a day either.  So the question

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