On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, George wrote:

>Ok Butch. Lets take a test. Go to your office and your home and
>unplug all your landlines and turn off all the cell phones for 1
>week and lets see what happens.

OUCH!  I am cold and hungry.  Turning pale.  My hair is falling out
(prolly not related. :-) ).

Any rate, If I did this, I would not be happy and I couldn't work,
but I WOULD NOT die. Not sure what this "test" would prove...

It is not really a fair "test" anyway.  This would be the equivalent
of removing the wrenches from a mechanic.  These tools are directly
part of what I do for a living.  They are not incidental to HELP me
do my job, they ARE my job (so to speak).

Perhaps I am missing your point.  These things (telephone and
internet access) are both very important both from a cultural AND a
business standpoint.  I agree with you (and others) that both are a
very important part of American life.  Am I missing something else?
Do you suggest that everyone who is an American should (by some
unwritten rule) have a "right" to these things?  Even if they can't
afford it, should we come up with a way to subsidize it?  I am not
"baiting" you, I am simply not seeing the "point" you are trying to

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