On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Tom DeReggi wrote:

MAN...where do you find the time to write so much.  :-)

>TV, Phone, Internet on the other hand are luxeries, things that
>people rely on, but would survive if they did without.  I've never

You stated very eloquently what I was trying to say.  Thanks.

>seen someone die from TV/Phone/Internet with drawal, although you

Some of my customers ought to read this line.  ;-)

>never know it could happen.  There is however financial benefits of
>having those luxeries, and there are general safety benefits of
>having the above.


>So I in know believe INternet/phone/and TV should be in the same
>catagory as necessities like utilities.. But I do believe that the
>world increases its standards as life and technology progresses.

Right.  And so in 10 years, perhaps the rest of the "network" will
be built out (and the phone lines dug up) and ubiquitous coverage
will be possible.  This is not the case today, however.  This is
partly true because the SAME people (RBOCS) who sell DSL for $14.95
are charging sometimes exorbitant rates for T1 lines.

>possible. A simple question is asked, why shouldn't every person in
>America have complete communications? What barrier could possibly
>justify not being able to accomplish it?  Withholding something

As to the first question, the answer is money.  For the second

>My answer is the battle to to prove to the world it is NOT a
>commodity. It is a service that has value and a service worth
>paying for.  I still remember when I paid $500 a month for my ISDN

AMEN!  Preach on!

>So my view is if governement want to fight for universal broadband
>for the rich/poor, urban/ rural, no problem, just don't devalue the
>service that has value.

There is SO MUCH truth here!  This is the way the RBOCs are fighting
the war, too.  As I alluded to above, the RBOCs are attempting to
cut our feet from under us by underselling access to consumers and
then charging us enough to make it difficult (impossible in some
cases) to compete.

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