Why not just add it to the "Standard Contract"?
While you probably don't charge sales tax or other fees, a recovery fee or maintenance fee is not unreasonable or unheard of.
Or build it into your price.

Or, as Gitomer loves to say, ASK THEM IF THEY WANT IT.
Even if 25% said yes, that's more than you had before.
(Just have an answer for, "What happens if I don't take the insurance?")

I think many times (and Cliff will back me up on this) we don't get the rate or the business, because we don't ask for it. Everyone says their market won't hold that. How do you know? Did you take a survey?
Did you start out higher and had to lower your prices?
(I could rant on this all day. Read any of my newsletters or posts; I blah-blah-blah on low price is killing you).


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