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> And with bell having to rebuild their whole infrastructure here in New
> Orleans its a bigger slap in the face IMO. The hotel owners are pretty upset
> with this as well. Ya, the City has really ruffled some feathers over this
> move.

Regardless of whether or not the City of New Orleans government needs a spanking ;) -- I have a fairly different take on this matter, one less focused on the specifics of the New Orleans/BellSouth fiasco and more oriented toward BellSouth's general business strategy. BellSouth is clearly attempting to leverage it's market dominance in one area (wireline communications) to prevent competition in a different realm (in this case, wireless networking). This is exactly the type of dynamic that anti-trust laws were intended to keep in check.

BellSouth's actions in New Orleans are just the most recent manifestation of a strategy that _will_ be utilized against folks like us (e.g., independent ISPs). BellSouth has systematically attempted to prevent any sort of competition within their service areas -- their New Orleans tantrum is only the latest example. I wrote up a brief piece about some of their most recent actions here:


I'm sure there are numerous ways in which the City of New Orleans needs reforming -- but BellSouth's actions are targeted against any and all competitive entities -- they will certainly focus on WISPA members down the road. Instead of blaming New Orleans for what is obviously a widespread business strategy, I'd recommend focusing on BellSouth, who clearly isn't interested in "playing well with others" and has a well-documented history of using its market power to bully others.


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