Two sides to every story.
Should BST donate the Building? Absolutely and without politics.
But just like in the LUS case, Bill Oliver threatened to close the Cingular Call Center in Lafayette if the muni fiber network was built. The Call Center received state and parish tax incentives, btw. And BST is suing again in the LUS case.

Is BST really that scared of a wi-fi network?
Or is it another knee jerk reaction to any competition?
BST has lost many millions this hurricane season.
Without a merger partner to dance with, maybe they are all cracking under the pressure from ATT, VZ, W-Fi, Cablecos, and VoIP. (TW just added its 1M VoIP customer with 75% of customers being triple-play, although if they take TW's Digital Voice offering they have to be triple-play since you can't get stand alone RR - you have to get Basic Cable).



Mac Dearman wrote:

Well, IMNSHO I think the mayor and town council need their arses kicked. This is just about as low as they could sink. I understand that communications are vital, but its not that they arent being supplied right now. If I were BellSouth - - I would abandon all of it until they started to act right, butthen thats the most depraved city in the nation - - - - - its worse than Washington D.C.!

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Joe Laura wrote:

And with bell having to rebuild their whole infrastructure here in New
Orleans its a bigger slap in the face IMO. The hotel owners are pretty upset with this as well. Ya, the City has really ruffled some feathers over this
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