Anytime the budget allows it I run wires. Wireless is great but there's no guarantee of service as it's unlicensed. Yes we can do a very good job by buying good gear and being smart about the design etc. But.....

Also, anytime you can use wires you free up valuable spectrum for ptmp systems and that's where we really shine eh?

Having said that I'd look at some of the FSO options. I've cc'd the boys at Plaintree Systems to see if they can help you out.

If you want to get fancy with some switches etc. you could always run a pair of Airaya links and have almost 40 megs full duplex (one system sending and one rec.).

Proxim has gear that'll do what you ask, but who wants them these days?

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I need some feedback from the collective. I am looking for a backhaul radio link for my main tower. 5.8 Ghz is fully utilized at this location. It is only a 1500 foot shot. I would like at least 50 meg full or 100 meg half duplex. I would like this solution to be under $8K or so. 5.3 Ghz is pretty open here. Does a solution exist? I can lay fiber for about $12K or so. I am considering doing that but I think laying fiber for my main connection when I am a fixed broadband wireless provider sends the wrong message to my potential customers when Charter is going all over town selling fiber connections. I welcome your feedback.

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