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Bob made a good point regarding contracts.

Use the you can serve them today, to your advantage, and lock them in. Charge install fees because you can, so yoour gear is paid for by the time FIOS does come, and you are in the position to be your most competitive. My view is that it is a time stall situation. Wireless gear is evolving. Its jsut a matter of time before 70 Ghz GB gear can be had for pennies. Maybe not this year, but sooner or later it will. When FIOS is a real threat to Wireless, thats when the GB wireless manufacturers will start to lower their prices, because it is what they'll need to do to sell gear. Make sure your antenna colocation agreements on every sub's building allows for a second antenna, so when you can afford to go GB broadband, you can do so without delay from landlords.

Verizon has been advertising FIOS hard in our markets to, but its been over 6 month for some, since advertsied and no FIOS. FIOS is expensive to buildout, and they need a certain number of pre-signed up subscribers to do it. Its hard to convince people to get rif of their satelite and cabled TV. There is security in not being locked down to a signle provider for ALL services. I can see it now, someone gets behind on their phone bill, and all a sudden the TV gets turned off, the broadband gets turned off, and the PHONE.

IF you wait until FIOS is installed and then try to compete you won't be able to. The goal is to scoop up the clients before its available.

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One more thing to add.....Give some value to signing a contract. In other words...make the install price $249 instead of $599 if you sign a 2 year contract. Most judges like to see that the "defendants" (as I call them) have received some sort of compensation for signing the contract. This gives the contract some real legal "worth".

And don't let people out of their contract for anything! They signed, they got cheap install. You held up your end of the they need to hold up theres....

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