Because I still enjoy coming to work each day.... and I'm making a good living... and I get to do what I want.... from replacing bad radios on top of 9,000ft mountains to changing out light bulbs (literally)... ;)

Of course, there are days that aren't so good.... Christmas Eve I had to go clean ice off the dish that's at 9,000ft elevation... 5 hours total time.... and then Christmas Day I got to go replace a failed Intel ethernet switch on a different mountaintop repeater... 6 hours total time... but all in all, it's still a fun job... :)


Bob Moldashel wrote:

Travis Johnson wrote:

I have been saying for YEARS on these lists that you can NOT compete on price... you have to compete on service and customer support. Period.

We currently charge $10 per month more than CableOne. They are selling an "up to 3meg connection" for $29.95. I currently sell a 512k connection for $40 per month (guaranteed 512k 24x7), and we are doing 80-100 installs per month. Most people are going up to the 1meg for $50 per month even. But we offer local support, 10 email accounts, real static IP, a real office they can visit, and we ALWAYS answer the phone with a live person. :)


-B-   <----------waiting for Travis to retire any day now...   :-)

Sell that sucker...what are you waiting for????

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