I like the idea, but not the material. I ran into the same type of issue at my house. I have a 50' Pi-Rod Solid rod free standing tower, but needed to be at about 65'. I took 2 10' 1" ID sections of galvanized water pipe, screwed them together and had them arc welded. It was a heavy beast to get up the tower and mounted, but it got the job done. I hate to see mast pipe sway in the wind and did not have room to guy wire it. Bigger is always better in all the things I build!


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I like that. Is 2 ft enough space to hold the other 18 ft? I would have expected 3ft or more, but the more pipe in the air the better.

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I have used 2 10 ft masts plugged together to make a 20 ft... Then, 1/2 inch threaded rod and commercial pipe hangers. bore a hole thru the pole 1 ft from the top. another hole 2 ft down from that. use a threaded rod in each hole with a pipe hanger and large washer on one end and a large washer and nut on the other. Put your mast in the pipe hangers and adjust as needed.

Scott Reed wrote:
I need to mount a 24dB grid 15' above the top of an existing privately owned utility pole. Any suggestions on bracket, mast, etc.?

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