One bill.  Yeah, some people like it.
But if the combined services are less money, you can make a case for 2 bills.
How can you make it easier for them to pay the bill???
Have you seen how hard VZ makes e-bill????

You need to market to your own customers. Stay in front of them. Let them know what else you sell. How do you increase ARPU or Referrals unless you are creatively in front of your clients???

On the flip side, if you don't want to do it, bring in a Strategic Partner.
"We specialize in great Networks and Internet; DISH is great at TV. Together you get the best package".
If it is a MDU, talk to SMS about doing triple-play there. (Or call me).

If you want to compete in Metros, you need to have a Marketing Plan and work it every day. You have to become a niche player or find a new way to make people look at the Internet.
I have some ideas in every news-letter (

You don't have so many opportunities that you can let them go without a fight.

Happy New Year!


Tom DeReggi wrote:

One bill has a bigger impact than people think. In our residential MTUs, I've lost 30% of our MTU subscribers to triple play providers. The residenmtial client base has very little loyalty over a 5 dollars savings. I get the cancellation request AFTER they have transferred to their new service. A common response is, "we loved your service and support, and the Cable companies was horrible through the hole process, but they won my business with a price I could not turn down." Learning after the fact of their intent to cancel and that they were not aware that I also offered a Double play that could offer near the same value proposition. I then try to get them to switch back, as its no more of a hassle to cancel the service they just installed than mine. I then offer them a better price than the cable company does for the bundled services. Customer then responds, "but the Cable company will let me have all the services on one bill", and it just makes it easy. So my conclusion is they ahve a much higher value for their time than they do for mine. They'll give up my high quality support to save $5, but they won't take the time to write two checks and seal two envelopes, to save the $5 that I offer them.

My point is consumers have a short memory, little loyalty, and modivated by saving money. In order to keep residential business, it does need consistent marketing to remind them you are there, and the services you offer. What we learned the hard way is that we can't be just a broadband provider, we also need to offer the other services, or our clients are talking to our competitors for the other services that we don't offer, attempting to steer them from using us for our core services also, without me knowing it is even happening. We can be competitive and compete on price, when we know that we need to. If we play in the residential markets, we are all going to have to offer double or triple play. I don't want to be a TV provider or a Phone company, But I don't have a choice. The market is making me change my business model. I either join the current trends, or I lose clients. The question is does an ISP only want to have the opportunity to serve the underserved? I can keep customers with no other options all day long, but thats a cowardly way to go about a business. I want to be able to compete in served markets. I don't need to win everyones business, and I don't need majority market share, I'm satisfied with my 1%. But I need to be able to offer enough value to enough people to justify that percentage of the population to chose me over the competition and choices they have. If that can be done, my company has value, and survivabilty regardless of what competition comes to town.

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